The travel edition 

Travel is a way of life for some. And I wish could go away much more than I do, but time and funds are limited. 

I can’t go away during term time due to work. So that basically means that I go during peak times when it’s super expensive (I wish travel companies wouldn’t hike up the prices but hey ho)

The last holiday I went on was something I’d never done before. For a start I went on my own. Which isn’t a big deal for some, but this was my first solo trip. 

I had booked Canada and the Rockies through contiki.. because although I wanted to be independent I didn’t want to be completely alone. So off I went on a bus with 40 other people from around the world. I’ve never been so scared. 

I like to think I’m fairly normal, but there’s no such thing. I was scared about how people would perceive me.. I didn’t want to go full out Emma on the first day and end up trying too hard. 

But it’s was all good and I had the time of my life. I’d definitely travel like that again, and I plan to in 2018…

2017 is for cruises. 


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