Pain pain go away

Every so often I have a moan about a little injury of mine. Simply because it hurts a lot. 

So way back in February 22nd 2013 (4 years ago nearly!!) I sort of ended up crashing my car… and I wrote it off. It could not be salvaged. I have spoken about this a couple of times before, but I’m amazed that I’m still affected four years on. 

That fateful night, I must have whacked my foot pretty hard. I mean I couldn’t put any pressure on it whatsoever! I had to hobble to the ambulance and through A&E. 

Now being from the U.K. I am incredible grateful for the NHS and the hard work and physical hours that doctors and nurses put in to keep us alive. If this had happened in the USA I dread to think of the cost. 

The only problem was they didn’t spot my injury… which to be fair is in a stupid place and apparently can be missed. 

I broke my foot across the lisfranc joint (please correct me if that’s not the right terminology!) 

It bloody well hurt, and it was my own fault. 

Now this was back in 2013.. so why am I speaking about this now. Well I still suffer from pain in my foot. 

I found out in 2015 what I’d actually done.. I had to cry in front of my GP to get a referral to the hospital to kick start the series of events. 

I got given insoles and got told to wear shoes with a sturdy heel. Bye bye flats.. 

Insoles are all well and good, but they don’t last that long. Plus after a while  they can smell. 

Basically I’m in a predicament now. Insoles work for a little while but then stop. 

What else can I do to ease the pain I feel on daily basis? Surely four years on I shouldn’t have these issues. 

There isn’t much on lisfranc injuries online, I’ve exhausted google. So if anyone out there has an idea of how they could help me, I’d be grateful. 

Being in pain sucks. 


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