Three Years.

It’s a long time three years. I look back at my naive 20 year old self and think I was an idiot. 

I shouldn’t have taken that job. It was the worst mistake. 

I recently turned 23, and three years ago today I walked out of a job that I hated. Why did I hate it? It was costing me money, the travelling was ridiculous and the woman I worked for was horrible. Simple as that. 

But that day was also a turning point. 

Yes I cried and regretted what I’d done instantly. However it soon felt like a weight was lifted. I did the one thing I never had the guts to do, and that was send an email to someone I didn’t know hoping they’d give me an opportunity. 

Well that one email worked. I had an immediate response, and started volunteering two days a week. 

I got a job at a jewellers. I had a source of income again. 

I got employed by the school 10 months later. 

As of January 2015 I had two jobs.. 

January 2016, I still had two jobs…

January 2017.. I’m now a higher level teaching assistant (so I can cover classes), I still work at the jewellers and I have a new car. 

Age 20 I had nothing. Age 23 life has gotten better. 

Yes it’s about working hard. If I hadn’t volunteered I wouldn’t be where I am now. 

To get what you want takes time. Do I have everything I want? No I don’t, but I’ll keep working for it. 


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