Canada eh

It’s a common misconception that Canadians pronounce about aboot. 

How do I know? I’ve just come back from a 12 day trip of a lifetime with contiki visiting Canada and the Rockies. I didn’t hear it pronounced differently at all 

 I’ve spent way too much when I was there, mainly on optionals. 

If I wasn’t zip lining I was canoeing or horse riding or even going on a helicopter. 

It was jam packed. And I would highly recommend going if you can handle the granny inspired interior of the Athabasca hotel in Jasper.. I actually got an amazing nights sleep there. 

Admittedly, to get through the Rockies it takes a while and we did have a couple of travel days. But the stops on these days were the best. 

We had an included visit to go on the Athabasca glacier, photo stops at Peyto lake and lake Louise and so on. 

So if someone fancies offering the opportunity for me to go out and live there, I would definitely accept! 

Canada, you’ve a stolen my heart. 


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